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Never hold them back. Never underestimate them. Let them try, let them fail, let them fall, let them learn to get back up. Give them the chance to find their own line and define their own win. Give them the space to confront new challenges at full throttle. Empower them with access to the inspiration, and the confidence they need to enjoy the ride, and make it their own. This is about more than a toy, a tool, or even a bike. This is about a world full of discovery, and a life full of achievement, independence, lasting bonds, and precious memories. This is about passing on the love we have for the ride and the lessons it brings to the next generation.

THE STACYC BRAND IS ALL ABOUT ”SHARING THE LOVE OF RIDING” and we are hyper-focused on helping parents, grandparents, family, and friends share their passion for two-wheels with the young ones in their lives. Riding a bike or motorcycle does more for us than just the physical activity itself. Those that are passionate about riding understand that it’s the feeling of freedom, the sense of accomplishment and the development of skill and confidence that strikes our core being. It’s the emotion that we feel when we are riding, that keeps us coming back. At STACYC, we believe every kiddo should have the chance to fall in love with riding. We’ve done our best to create a product that will allow kids as young as 3 years old to start their journey on two-wheels in a more engaging atmosphere. In a world so full of non-active distractions, our mission in it’s purest form is to get kiddos outside so that they can have real experiences that will last a lifetime!

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    The STACYC 12eDRIVE is an advanced electric balance bike designed for young riders aged 3 to 7, offering a safe and dynamic introduction to cycling. Its lightweight frame and adjustable seat height ensure stability, while the twist-and-go throttle provides easy speed control. With adaptable power settings for various skill levels, the 12eDRIVE promotes a gradual learning experience. Featuring robust construction and pneumatic tires for a smooth ride on any terrain, it prioritizes safety with parent-selectable speed control. More than a bike, it instills a love for adventure and independence in young riders, setting the stage for a lifelong journey into cycling joy.