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    Dunlop® American Elite Tires are the only replacement motorcycle tire for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which is designed in America, tested in America and made in America. Sidewall design proudly features the American Elite name and made in USA logo. Tread design provides even tread wear and quiet operation in all conditions, wet and dry.

  • Dunlop D404 Tires

    Price $94.98

    Dunlop® D404 Tires, Tread compound delivers an excellent balance of mileage and grip. Front and rear tread patterns designed to deliver outstanding water evacuation and wet grip. Bias-ply construction designed to deliver excellent load-carrying capacity as well as a smooth ride for maximum comfort. Offset center groove delivers excellent straight-line stability. Value priced for a wide range of motorcycles.

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    The Dunlop D605 offers versatile Dual Sport performance at a value oriented price. This DOT-legal knobby fulfills the needs of dual-sport riders who tackle serious off-road terrain.

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    DUNLOP D952

    Price $58.00

    The D952 is a value-priced off-road tire designed to help deliver grip and excellent durability in a wide variety of terrain and conditions.

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    The MX14 offers increased traction/drive-grip on starts, straights and when exiting corners, improved braking performance for more rear tire stopping power in harsh conditions, perfect slide control when braking and cornering in sand and mud, and enhanced absorption/damping performance to keep the tire on the ground and digging in.

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    Whether you’re competing professionally or hitting the trails on the weekends, you can trust the MX34 to provide the stability and control you need to perform at your best.

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    Designed to offer performance in a wide variety of terrains, the Geomax MX53 excels in hard-packed track conditions while also offering greater versatility in intermediate riding conditions.

  • Dunlop® D401 Tires are engineered and tested to provide maximum performance for Harley-Davidson cruiser bikes, these tires have advanced tread pattern and compound for improved wet and dry grip and a computer-optimized tread profile that reduces cupping for even wear.
  • Dunlop® D402 Tires are engineered and tested with Harley-Davidson to provide maximum performance for touring bikes. The tires have three-ply polyester casing with two fiberglass belts for greater load-carrying capability and stability. The offset center groove improves confidence in wet conditions.
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    The adventure D908RR is designed for aggressive adventure and cross-country conditions and provides enhanced wear resistance and grip over rocks, hard ground, and other off-road terrains.